Celebrate Recovery T.E.A.M.

April 30, 2008 · Print This Article

At Celebrate Recovery, we manage the ministry by a T-E-A-M structure. We have one person responsible for each of the following:
T = Training Coach is Michele Guel* Conducts new leader training and orientation* Provides training sessions for monthly leadership meetings* Develops and oversees leadership for small groups* Develops a Training Coach Apprentice
E = Encourager Coach’s are is Ron and Michele Harold* Provides and oversees the shepherding care needs of groups and ministry leaders* Creates fellowship events for the leaders and groups* Helps identify new apprentice group leaders* Develops an Encourager Coach Apprentice
A = Assimilation Coach is Nathan Mitchell* Responsible for the promotion of Celebrate Recovery to the members, the church, the community and the world* Recruits and interview new leadership candidates* Develops and maintains group information materials for groups and information tables* Develops an Assimilation Coach Apprentice
M = Ministry Leader/Director is Pastor Jesse Guel* Responsible for the entire recovery ministry* Selects and schedules teachers and testimonies for weekly meetings* Oversees all Celebrate Recovery Ministries* Serves as the main contact with the church staff


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